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The First Group Learning Goals Plan
The First Group Learning Goals Plan


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Activities' planning supports and enables phenomenon-based and project-specific planning, evaluation, and monitoring. With TinyApp, you can link the areas of competences and get a more detailed description of how these relate to the plan's content.

In the evaluation phase, you can reflect on the plan's implementation and describe what went well and what can be developed. You can also involve children in the planning and evaluation of group learning goals plans.

Making the first group learning goals plan

You can start creating a plan from several different places on your teacher's dashboard. For now, group learning goals plans are only available in the desktop version.

Starting the new plan

1) Pedagogy > Group Learning Goals > Start a new plan

2) Groups > Select the group > Start a new plan

3) Groups > View > Learning plans > Start a new plan

The difference between these is that you can make a plan for multiple groups in the first option, depending on your user role. If you select a group first, you will make a plan directly for that group.

Under the tab "Pedagogy", you can make a plan as follows:

1) Select "Start a new plan."

2) Select the child group(s) for which you are making a plan from the drop-down menu

3) Write the title of the plan in the "theme" field

4) Specify the time

5) Write the targets, methods, and activities, as well as the resources and materials in the spaces provided

6) Select areas of competences and specify how these will be reflected in the plan. You can see the summary under "show description".

7) From the save options, select "Save as draft" if you still want to edit the plan or "Save and lock" if the plan is complete.

Evaluation of the group learning goals plans

1) When the plan is locked, you can evaluate the implementation of the plan.

2) Fill in the fields of what has been learned, what has gone well, and what could be done differently next time, and evaluate the goal's achievement.

3) When you are done, you can complete the evaluation.

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