With TinyApp, you can easily make, track, and maintain your children's early childhood education plans. Ready-made templates help you set goals together with guardians and children, and you can conveniently record how the child's development and learning happens. With the TinyApp, you can also share a child's individual education plans with a guardian with one click.

Making the first individual education plan

Early childhood education plans can be made on the teacher's dashboard. The organization's admin selects the student template, one or more, and when you create the IEP for the child, you can choose which base to make the plan.

You can make a child's individual education plan through the child's profile on the teacher's dashboard.

1) Go to the child list via the "Children" tab and select "view" for the child.

2) Go from the child's general information to the pedagogical information and select "New IEP" at the bottom of the page.

3) You can then select which student template you use.

4) Fill in the title, time, and the other fields in the template.

5) Selecting "Parents can comment" opens the form on the parent's mobile.

6) You can save the plan either as a draft or save and lock the plan. You can continue to comment and edit the draft plan while the locked plan blocks additional comments from parents and saves comments already written with a timestamp.

7) If parents have written comments, these will appear in the plan. New comments from parents will also notify teachers.

8) You can always continue a locked IEP from the "edit" section.

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