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Different types of messages in TinyApp
Different types of messages in TinyApp

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There are three different kinds of messages in TinyApp:

News & Highlights, Chat, and Notifications.

What is the difference between these and when to use which one?

1) News & Highlights

This is for documenting pedagogical activities and learning moments in school or kindergarten. Teachers can link learning areas and competencies to these messages and share information about the activities.

Sender: Teacher or Head of School or Kindergarten

How does it work? Teachers can send these messages on the teacher's dashboard and in the mobile application. You can add many kinds of attachments (photos, videos, voice, pdfs etc.) and always select recipients.
How to reply? Parents can reply to these messages and teachers can see these replies on the mobile application. Teachers can continue this message thread by replying to the mobile application.

Who can see my replies? Replies are visible only to parents of the same child and teachers of that specific group to which the child belongs to. Reply from the parent is not visible to other children's parents.

2) Chat

This is for a short and quick conversation between one child's parents and teachers. Each child has their own chat thread.

Sender: Teacher or parent

How does it work? Chat is working in mobile applications both for teachers and parents.

Who can see messages and replies? All of the parents of the child and all of the teachers of the child's group can see and participate in the chat.

3) Notifications

These notifications come from parents and teachers can mark these when they have seen them.

Sender: Parent

How does it work? The parent can send the notification from the mobile application to inform teacher for example about a child's sudden absence, holiday request, or some other thing. The teacher gets a notification about this and when marking it as read, parents get a notification too.

Who can see the notification? Parents of a child and teacher of the group

Where to find them? In the mobile under the tab "notifications" and in the dashboard they are in the child's profile.

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