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Collecting information with external forms
Collecting information with external forms

Questionnaires and forms that you can share in TinyApp messages

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Do you need to collect information from parents with a questionnaire or a form?

You can use any kind of external service to create a questionnaire or a form and share them with the parents in TinyApp!

Next, let's look at two easy options for creating a questionnaire or a form.

Google Forms

Creating online surveys or quizzes is easy and free with Google Forms. All you need is a free Google (Gmail) account to get started!

Here's an example of a Google Form - take a look at what's possible with Google Forms!

How to create your Google Form and how to share it in TinyApp?

  1. Click the colorful + sign to create a new form

  2. A new form will open

  3. Edit your form! You can get tips and help on how to create the forms here

  4. When you're ready, copy the link to your and send it in a News & Highlights or Chat message in TinyApp for parents to fill out! Here you can find more information about how to get the link to your form.

That's it!

If Google Forms do not offer you the tools you need, you might want to check out these services for creating your questionnaires and forms:

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