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Pedagogical analytics in TinyApp
Pedagogical analytics in TinyApp
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TinyApp offers valuable analytics about the pedagogical activities planned and documented in TinyApp. The analytics are available in three levels:

  • Summary of the whole organisation

  • Unit level summary

  • Group level summary

Organization-wide analytics are available to organization administrators. Log in to the web desktop as an administrator to see the summary. You will see valuable status information on, among other things, the organisation's early childhood education plans, group action plans, and documentation of activities (News & Highlights -messages).

Unit-specific statistics are available to organization administrators, as well as on the “Units” tab of the unit administrator view. In this view, you can select the unit you want to view, open the unit's teacher view, upload user information, or add new users to the unit as a bulk upload.

You can find group statistics on the teacher's desktop in the main view of the group page (Summary tab). Group statistics are only visible to teachers in the same group and to the organization and unit administrators.

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