Unit Admin:

  1. Remind the child's guardians to retrieve any material related to their child, such as pictures and videos, that they want to keep.

  2. Once the guardians have made the recordings on their device, you can delete the guardians' accounts on the Teacher's Dashboard.

  3. Follow the guidelines of saving child's information and documents following local and municipal practices. You can either export the data that you need or archive the child.

3A. The child's data can be exported off the service in a zip file at the unit level under "Data export".

3B. You can also archive the child. If you archive the child, all of his or her information will remain in the service and is available to you when you are a user of the TinyApp service. The admin can reactivate the child through the list of archived children, and their information can be viewed. You can do this through the child's profile on the Teacher's Dashboard.

4. You can also delete the child through the child's profile on the Teacher's Dashboard and his or her data will be deleted and will no longer be recoverable.

The guardian:

  1. Save all the files and content from the mobile app to your device that you want to keep. For example, save images and videos from the News&Highlight messages that you want to keep.

  2. Once you've done this, let your child's kindergarten know that they can delete your account.

  3. When the daycare deletes your account, you'll receive a confirmation message.

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