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Upload child and guardian information with an excel file
Upload child and guardian information with an excel file
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Do you want to upload child and guardian information to the TinyApp service at once?

You can do this by filling in the data in the pre-built excel template unit by unit and uploading the filled file directly to TinyApp.

Please note that before this, you must create groups in that unit. See here how to do it.

1. First, select the unit to which you want to import child and guardian information. Select "Data import".

2. Follow the instructions on the page that opens and finally download the finished excel file from your computer to the service.

Please note that you can choose whether to invite guardians to the service immediately or later.

If there are errors in the file, you will receive an error message that lists any errors per line.

Please note that if you import a new excel file into the same unit, it will not delete the data already imported but will only add new ones. If you want to delete information that has already been imported, such as the guardians' email addresses, do it on a child's profile.

3. If you did not invite guardians simultaneously but only added their email addresses, you can send them invitations from the "send invitations" section above the child list.

Do you want to add child and guardian information manually one at a time? You can find our instructions here step by step.

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