4. Invite the guardians to the child's profile

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Once you have added the children's information to TinyApp, you can also invite guardians.

There are different options for doing this.

1. You can easily invite the child's first guardian from the child list by selecting "Invite a guardian". You will then enter the guardian's email address and choose the invitation's language.

2. You can also invite guardians through the child's profile by selecting "view" for the child and "Invite guardian" on the profile page.

You will then be able to enter the guardian's email address and select the invitation's language.

Great, repeat this to all the children, and you'll get all the guardians involved in the TinyApp.

TinyApp will be then ready for use!

See here how to get most of TinyApp service easily and get started in pedagogical documentation and create a first group action plan and early childhood education plans for children.

Do you have large group sizes and many guardians, and would you like to do this faster? It also works because you can do this by downloading data from an excel file, and we recommend this for large nurseries.

Learn here instructions on downloading the data.

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