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How do we maintain data security?
How do we maintain data security?

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Minimizing data collection

• We only collect data necessary to operate the TinyApp service

• TinyApp does not collect data such as social security numbers or street addresses

Data security as part of product development

• Data security is taken into consideration already at the beginning of every functionality development

• Data security is always evaluated when selecting software components or services

• All components and software are frequently updated to maintain data security on the top level

Data security as part of testing and quality control

• All changes and new functionalities are tested also in regard to data security, both during the development and after the initial launch

• We regularly implement internal data security checks

• We continuously add and improve our testing protocol to ensure data security and quality control

• Data security issues are always prioritized in the product development and these improvements are published fast

External audit and data security cooperation

• We fulfill data security requirements and closely follow the development in this area

• We cooperate closely with our clients and our own legal experts to keep up to date with legal requirements regarding data security

• Many of our customers (municipalities and private ECE companies) run data security reviews on TinyApp before taking it into use. These are conducted by the ICT-experts of the customer organisation

• We cooperate with external data security experts (F-Secure) to assess data security threats and test data security in practice

• The latest threat assessment by F-Secure was conducted in June 2020

• The latest data security audit by F-Secure was conducted in July 2020

A few practical tips to users to ensure safe access and use of TinyApp:

• Choose and use a strong password exclusively for TinyApp. You can change your password in the TinyApp settings

• Don’t share your password with anyone. TinyApp or your kindergarten will never ask for your personal TinyApp password!

• Update your mobile operating system and TinyApp mobile app regularly

• Protect your appliances with internet security products. Mobile operators offer various low-cost data security solutions

• If you become a target for data phishing attempts or detect any unusual activity, please contact us immediately (

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